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Welcome to the Railyard Fitness free download page.

We hope you will find the Manuals and Railyard "Signals" helpful in designing and implementing exercise programs for yourself, your students, your children, or your clients.

Download your free copy of the Railyard "Active Play" Manual For children, click here.

This manual includes over 50 pages of exercises, teachable moments, lesson plans for ground and obstacle course workouts and teachers assessment forms for each lesson plan.

Download your free copy of "Exercise on the Obstacle Course" Manual for adults, click here.

This 53-page manual includes over 50 body weight, functional exercises with modifications, instructions, justifications, and prepared workouts sequenced to give you a body-balanced productive workout. Use any or all the exercises when training clients, teams, or personally.

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The 46 functional bodyweight exercises in the youth manual are perfect for all children ages 5 and up. Parents can workout with their children in the basement, in the park, or at the gym. Personal Trainers and Health Clubs can use the workouts to begin or expand their children’s exercise programs. PE teachers can use them to add exercise to their classes or begin a new, exciting fitness unit for their students in grades for K-12. Coaches, you can use the exercises before practice to develop all the elements of athleticism these exercises offer.

You will find lesson plans/workouts in both Manuals do not require any equipment, just your desire to provide the people in your life the physical skills to participate in life or sports with confidence, self esteem, and pride. Railyard Fitness is proud to offer these extraordinary training materials to you at no cost. Our hope is you'll find these exercises and workouts to be productive, fun, and you will continue to do them as a part of a regular exercise program for you and the children in your life.

"Exercise “Signals”

Exercise “Signals” are 8-inch exercise illustrations that can be downloaded and printed for free, and placed on the floor, taped to a cone or a wall for your kids, students, or clients to follow. To use, print the Signals and place them on the floor at home, in the gym, or in the park, in the order you find them from the lesson plan. After the warm-up, begin on the first “Signal” and continue in order until you’ve reached the last Signal.

The Signals are color-coded: exercises that engage the wrist (crawling) are green and all other exercises are in red. We recommend that you do not set up a workout that has three of either color in a row. Alternating colors will give the participant the optimum balance in the workout. Signals may be printed in color, or black and white.

Click on any of the exercises below to see a color image you can download.

3-Minute Drill
Air Bench
Arm Circles
Army Crawl
Bear Crawl

Bunny Hops
Crab Walk (backward)
Crab Walk (forward)
Decline Push Up
Donkey Kicks
Downward Dog
Duck Walks
Foot Circles
Free Crunches
Front Under
Function Run
Half Jacks
Hip Flex
Hop Scotch
Inch Worm
Incline Push Up
Knee Up Run

Modified Step Over

Mountain Climber
One Arm Side Bridge
Pull Ups
Push Ups
Push Ups (wall)
Quick Over’s
Side Shuffles (left)
Side Shuffles (right)
Standing Windmill
Stork Walk
Two Leg Hop
Two-Arm Prone Bridge
Two-Arm Supine Hip Bridge
Walk Lunge