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“Every PE program in the country should have a Railyard in their program. Students enjoy exercise on an Obstacle Course – it gets them moving in ways they have not moved before – the exercises makes them stronger – improves their strength –provides cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and body balance.” Phil Lawler, Former PE4life Director of Education and Training

“If I went into a new school and could only buy one thing, I would buy the Railyard. It’s versatile and meets the various needs of our program. (Maybe we should say it supports the PE4life principles we implement in our program). “
Elaine Alexander, PE4life Academy Director, and Kansas City, MO School District

“One of the great aspects of using the obstacle course is that both sides of the brain are utilized to perform the challenges the course offers, when students have to move across the midlines of their bodies. Students actually have fun meeting the challenges of the course, which disguises the fitness benefits derived by participation." Paul Zientarski, Instructional Coordinator, Physical Ed., Health, Dr. Ed., Naperville Central HS

“We have an obstacle course and I use it with my K-6 elementary PE classes. I incorporate it into my stations. The kids love it!"
Mary Cromer, Cass Midway School, and Cleveland, MO

"The Railyard provides all the students with individual challenges as they accomplished movement and tasks, while having fun." Susan Slocum, Physical Education Dept., Hill Campus, Denver, CO

"We've been using the Railyard fitness system. The kids found it a lot harder than they thought it was going to be. They didn't realize how much balance was involved in fitness. And, I think that's probably one of the biggest values of it" Deb Swan, Physical Education Teacher, South HS, Denver, CO

"I love my Railyard!!! My kids love it as well. It works great in all kinds of situations including fitness activities, obstacle courses, balance activities, and my most favorite has been with my Visually Impaired students and EC classes. I had the privilege of doing an obstacle course for our local VI (Visually Impaired) field day and the Railyard was a huge hit with the children and the teachers. It gave the VI students a chance on a balance beam activity. I cant wait to take it back again this year!!!" Stephen Sharpe Clyde Elementary Clyde NC

"I love the the Railyard! It can be used for a lot of activities! Health Related Fitness components can all be introduced, maintained and assessed on the Railyard. Kids can up, under, over and around thus improving their power, agility, strength, balance and reaction time, so improving their Skill Related Fitness Components. We use it as a station, fitness station, class obstacle course, movement using locomotor skills, patterns, levels, etc. the possibilities are never ending! But most important , MY KIDS LOVE IT!"
Cyndi Blankenship Bethel Elementary Canton, NC

"Getting the Railyard at Chestnut Mountain was such a blessing! It is an incredible piece of fitness equipment. It’s amazing how so many fitness activities can be encompassed in one simple piece of equipment. Another advantage of the Railyard is how easy it is to incorporate into lesson planning. All I have to do is demonstrate a few easy-to-learn moves to my students and then connect those moves together to form an obstacle course. The kids love for me to play upbeat music while they work their way around the course over and over again. It is incredibly satisfying for me to see them having so much fun while getting their little bodies fit and healthy at the same time. I’m thankful that I found the Railyard and look forward to many years of using it with my students!" Betsy Elrod Chestnut Mountain Elementary

“It is my belief that a comprehensive fitness program addresses these ten general physical skills, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination. The Railyard Conditioning Course addresses each of these skills with scalability to meet the individualized skill levels of our students. I highly recommend the Railyard Conditioning Course to any Physical Education program. It’s truly been a difference maker at Panther Run.”

C.J Cain, Panther Run Elementary Lake Worth Florida, Physical Education

“The Railyard equipment takes up the entire gym and is very unique, they can hone their physical skills, such as support, balance and dance".
Emily Phommachack PE Teacher - St. James Elementary

"I wanted to send you this quick video that we have put on our website. If you would like me to narrate or say anything to help Railyard let me know. We enjoy Railyard so much as a district. We have two sets of Railyard that travel to all of our 50 schools within Des Moines Public Schools. Thank you for everything." Carlye Satterwhite, Curriculum Coordinator/Mentor Teacher Des Moines Public Schools

"The kids love the Railyard!" Anne S. Wiggin, NCBT Lotla Elementary School

First of all.... 26 years of teaching aaaand this is by FAR the ABSOLUTE COOOOOLEST piece of equipment I've ever bought for our kiddos!! :) ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
I am stationed at an Army Base in Germany and have been teaching Middle School PE since 2008 (15 years of prior elementary PE in FL and another Military base) Anywhoooooo... I'd like to say I've always been on the 'cutting edge' of programming and teaching (TOY 2004 Heidelberg Germany) so please know this comes w/ a lot experience and hope makes your day when I say THANK YOU THANK
YOU THANK YOU for creating such a versatile piece of equipment!! Our kids are so LIT UP w/ excitement AND I just can't even put into words how your system has CHANGED the way I teach.... SO darn AWESOME to still feel like there's ways to get kids EXCITED about fitness and parkour FUN!!!! Letting the kids build and design their challenge courses is by far the best part!!! I so wish I could share my gratitude in person, because again... I just LOVE how excited the kids get using your Railyard system! Heidi Hurd, Ms., CIV, OSD/DoDEA-Europe, Middle school NMS PE Department in Germany.