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"Wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve started a new ‘program’ in our surrounding communities with Railyard—every month we offer an open gym on Sunday afternoons for a few hours at one of the schools and open it to the community for kids and adults to play. Once that month is up, we move it to another school/community and do the same thing. It has been WILDLY successful! (We have had communities ask about purchasing a set to use!) We are also incorporating the system with a new program that has been pioneered at Fort HealthCare—Movin’ and Losin’. Essentially, it is a weekly meeting for overweight kids/families to hear a little about a health related topic followed by an exercise session with Railyard. Again, a huge success! My apologies on the novel—this has been one of the best investments Fort HealthCare has made and we hope to continue its growth!" Tiffany Frohmader, Fort HealthCare

“Best thing I’ve ever done for my fitness facility and clients.”
Billy Corbett, Owner of Retrofit Training Center, Denver CO, Certified NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), IYCA Level 2 Coach (International Youth & Conditioning Association), ISSA Specialist in Sports Conditioning (SSC), the CHEK Institute as a Level 2 Practitioner (Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology)

“The Railyard Obstacle Course has changed the way I think about fitness after 18 years. I get so fired-up to do Railyard which in turns fires up my clients. I love teaching with the Railyard and my clients love the challenge and fun it brings to our classes/programs”.
Jamie Atlas, BonzaBodies, PT

“It is so functional, the Railyard Obstacle Course offers a different layout every time and every day. Our members and trainers love the variety it provides in the class/program whether it is functional training or athletic training.”

Caesar Martinex, Wellness Director Renaissance Club Sport, Aliso Viejo

“The Railyard Obstacle Course is an integral part of our Boot camp programs. We have found Railyard to be easy-to-setup, portable, challenging to our clients and a ton of fun. Railyard is a great tool to differentiate your group training from your competition. I recommend it highly for any training business.”
Larry Indiviglia, BS MA MBA, CPT ACE, NSCA, Master Trainer FITX-San Diego

"I use this type of training because it challenges the entire body’s strength, coordination, balance, cardiovascular condition, and flexibility and does so in a very natural way. My clients and students of all ages love it because it is fun!"
Leslie Mueller, B.S., C.P.T.

“As a fitness company trying to compete during these tough economic times, the Railyard Obstacle Course gives us a distinct advantage over the many trainers who are limited by their lack of equipment, and helps generate additional income. Railyard is easy to set-up, versatile and unique, keeping us ahead of the competition. We use our Railyard Obstacle Course set-ups at private clubs and in the local neighborhoods. Our clients and trainers love using the Railyard Fitness System.”
Scott Bell, President Fit-X San Diego

“I teach a very popular adult class on the Railyard that is loved by all! I’ve received many standing ovations from the group conditioning sessions I’ve been hosting at Body by X Skill Development & Training Center with boys and girls varsity basketball, competitive soccer clubs, AAU basketball club teams and pee wee football programs. The kids jump at the opportunity to go “yard”.”

Xavier Jarrell McClinton, COO, Trainer, Coach. Mentor, Head Coach North Bay Lady Cavs