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“As a special needs PE teacher, I am consistently searching for new activities and equipment to foster student learning. The Railyard Obstacle Course (ROC) is lightweight, durable, and easy to manipulate due to its snappy setup and breakdown. Formations can be modified to address the individual needs of students. As an itinerant teacher, the ROC also serves as a viable and portable resource for me as I travel to different schools each week. Since integrating the ROC into my courses, my students with disabilities (SwD) have exhibited an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, and appear more apt to tackle any obstacle they may encounter. I incorporate cross-lateral activities to enhance their ability to learn and provide hand-over-hand assistance when they perform midline crossing exercises, which in turn facilitates the learning process. I also use the exercise downloads from the website as visual prompts, which only strengthens the delivery to my students. The ROC further helps them maintain attention, focus on their spatial awareness, and assist in curbing misbehavior, which many PE teachers face daily.

The ROC challenges anyone who dares to step on it. It demands one's entire body to be in unity both mentally and physically to traverse it successfully. In addition, the inventors utilize a viable source to elicit a greater caloric expenditure for all participants, engaging core musculature throughout every exercise sequence/movement. Thus far, it has exceeded my expectations, especially as a special needs teacher. The ROC is innovative and just a plain old FUN-ctional system!”

Scott Adolf, MSed., ACE Certified Personal Trainer Specially Designed Physical Education Teacher Duvals County Public Schools, Jacksonville, Florida

“We are using the Railyard Conditioning Course with our entire PE program PreK-12. The Preschool enjoys for sequencing with the students. Our elementary uses it as a warm-up before the activity that we do for the day. The high PE teachers love it for conditioning. As the athletic director I will be stressing the importance of using it with our athletic programs as a conditioning tool. The adaptations that we are using consist of buttons at each platform to tell the student what the next exercise is that they will be doing. We adapt some of the exercises based on if the student has additional handicapping conditions. We have incorporated it into our Minds in Motions program that we do every morning as a school. This program focuses on crossing the midline activities, balance, and sequencing.”

Jeremy Freel, Athletic Director/Elementary PE Teacher Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired