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This article was published in 2001 in a national publication called Teaching Elementary Education; the author challenged my efforts to promote "playful exercise". This criticism and demonizing of the word “Exercise” has grown into a national standard by adults who have issues, for whatever reason, with the word exercise. This should be of great concern to everyone in fitness industries, the next generation of our consumers is being programmed to believe our primary tool to achieve our goal - exercise -is a bad for them. The fact that adults feel it necessary to dump their insecurities and issues on our children is deeply troubling. Kids have no preconceived definition of Exercise until an adult teaches it to them. This is not only prevalent in our school systems today, it’s growing though well intended programs like Play 60, Let’s Move, and hundreds of other that will not used the word Exercise because it offends them personally, with little or no concern as to what it will do kids. Like it or not when kids grow up they will be confronted with Exercise for the rest of their lives, in health clubs, exercise departments in stores, exercise videos, doctors recommendations, etc