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Bringing Exercise to the Classroom, how and what to do

Here is link to best article on why kids need exercise in school: Learning To Move, Moving To Learn: The Benefits Of PE

Want to get an ‘A’? Exercise an hour a day, Studies show that kids who get more physical activity score better on tests.

Just four minutes of activity can improve behavior in kids

Childhood Obesity is Killing America’s Children

When it comes to children's ability to think, weight and activity level both matter, study finds

Exercise and psychological health of our children

A therapist goes to middle school and tries to sit still and focus. She can’t. Neither can the kids

Exercise can relieve ADHD symptoms in children!

Incorporating Exercise Into Classroom Lessons Increases Children's Physical Activity Levels

Vigorous exercise affects the brain

University of Alberta researchers say the more kids exercise the better the brain

Exercising Early in Life May Help Promote Healthy Brain and Metabolism

Kids with Greater Aerobic Fitness May Have Better Memory Function

While exercise in good for the body, John J. Ratey, MD, argues it is more important for the brain, especially when it comes to students in the classroom. Citing scientific studies and real world examples, this internationally recognized expert in the brain-exercise connection demonstrates how we can raise test scores, lower behavioral problems, and help the overall well-being of today's students with fitness based physical education. Here's Dr. Ratey discussing his research: