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Obstacle Course
Sled Anchors
Railyard Fitness

Functional body weight exercises for sports conditioning and youth fitness have never been more challenging, productive and fun as they are on the Railyard indoor, portable Obstacle Course. Serius Strong exercise and physical therapy products feature our patented "Rotating" Serius Strong Fitness Handle and the new, Sled Anchor weight sled you can pull, push or use as an anchor. Products made in the USA to help you achieve and maintain optimum health.

our experts

Introducing Coach Dave Gleason and Billy Corbett, Railyard Master Trainers and spokespersons. Dave and Billy are two of the top instructors for the International Youth Conditioning Association, (IYCA) the premier youth conditioning and education organization of over 3000 certified members. The Railyard Obstacle Course is the perfect product to accomplish their goals of developing the physical skills a young athlete requires to play sports with confidence and safety.